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Only 9 gal per vehicle of Fresh Water used in each Wash

How we use only 9 Gal of fresh water to get your car clean. When you wash your car at home, you inherently use much more water to get your vehicle clean.  How much fresh water do you use?You will use between 80 and 140 gallons according to the International Carwash Association.  A Self-Serve Car […]

Foam Washing Material

Foam Washing Material: The Revolution of Friction Washing In the first of a series of articles, author Mike Jacques discusses how today’s technological advancements clean cars safely and effectively without damages or scratches. By Mike Jacques Since the invention of friction car washing, there has been a strong move in the industry to offer safer […]

Car Wash Professional Soaps and Waxes

Professional car wash chemicals and vehicle appearanceThere are many professional car wash chemical companies, just as there are a plethora of soaps, waxes and polishes in every store that carry home car wash supplies.So, do the chemicals used in a professional car wash tunnel make a difference to the final vehicle appearance?  The short […]