How we use only 9 Gal of fresh water to get your car clean.

 When you wash your car at home, you inherently use much more water to get your vehicle clean.  How much fresh water do you use?

You will use between 80 and 140 gallons according to the International Carwash Association.  A Self-Serve Car Wash uses about 15 gal/per vehicle and a Touchless Automatic (rollover at most self-serve car wash’s) uses up to 90 gal/vehicle.  That’s a lot of water and soap/grime that is added to the environment. 

 At Bubbles Express Wash we use a two (2) step approach to achieve 9 gallons per vehicle washed and help keep our environment clean.

 Step 1 – Reclaim

We reuse (Reclaim) all waste wash water for our wheel blasters and undercarriage wash—which are our highest users of water. 

All wash waste water is funneled into the 1st in a series of four (4) 1200 gallon tanks buried under the bypass lane.   Each tank flows into the next tank settling out the solids.  Our reclaim system picks up the waste water from the 3rd tank, then processes it through a series of centrifugal systems which produces water that we can use in the wheel blasters and undercarriage wash.  This system runs continually, recycling the water back into the 1st tank if the wash is not being used. 

We keep all the dirt and soil/oil out of the environment by having the tanks pumped using a specialized company that will process and dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly process.

Step 2  – Pure Water (RO)

We use a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to produce water that has no particulates – is pure – from the incoming city water supply.  This water is stored in a huge 1100 gallon tank inside our equipment room.  For those who do not know how we produce RO water, here is a quick, simple explanation.    

We take city water and use a very high-pressure pump to force the water through a series of very fine membranes (filters).  What comes out is pure water.  The pressure to force the water through the membranes is much higher then the final pure water pressure output, so the excess water has to go somewhere.  This excess water is much higher in particulate value than city water. We call that water “Reject” and we capture that water in another 1100 gallon tank in our equipment room to use in lubricating the wash wraps as well as all pre-rinse applications. 

The pure RO water we use to mix with the chemicals that are applied to your vehicle and the final Spot Free rinse before your vehicle gets to the blowers.

We use a total of 8.4 gallons per vehicle of fresh water in both the final vehicle rinse and with the RO system to produce both the Spot Free Rinse and Reject water we use in the wash process.  We use a total of 13.2 gallons of Reclaim water to wash the wheels and underside of your vehicle.

There you have it: how we use only 9 gallons of fresh water per vehicle washed.  If you are interested in a tour of our facility, please don’t hesitate to ask the next time you are getting your vehicle washed.