Florida Love Bugs – Tis the season to protect your paint.

Love bugs are extremely harmful (acidic) to your paint and should be removed from your vehicle as soon as possible, or within a few days at the most.  The hot Florida sun accelerates permanent damage.   

The sooner you visit Bubbles Express Wash to have the love bugs removed, the better your paint will survive the love bug season.

Here are several ways Bubbles helps with removal of the bugs:

  1. With the purchase of either Complete Care ($15) or Ultimate Care ($18) Wash, Bubbles applies a clear coat protectant (Turtle Wax Crystal Polymer Glaze) that helps protect your paint and creates an easier bug removal process.  This does not mean you can leave the bugs on for a week and expect that they will not damage your paint.  The acid in the bug bodies will quickly erode your clear coat and eventually your paint, but the clear coat protectant helps remove the bugs without as much scrubbing.  Bug scrub is included with any Unlimited Club membership.
  2. With the add on purchase of Bug Scrub or the Complete Care wash ($15) or Ultimate Care wash ($18) at the paystation, Bubbles will do our best to remove all bug remains from your vehicle.

If you decide to purchase either the Lite Wash ($6) or the Wash & Wheel wash ($10) we offer a bug scrub upgrade for $4.00 or you can stop by the bug scrub station before purchasing your wash and use the free scrub brushes.

If you decide on purchasing either the Complete Care wash or Ultimate Care Wash, depending on the severity of the bugs on the front/bumper/windshield of your vehicle, you can expect an additional wait time of 5-15 minute while we scrub them before you enter the wash.

To completely remove the bugs, they must be scrubbed off by hand and to prevent damage we utilize specialized bug removal pads which are non-marking as well as a bug removal soap and spray.  

For additional information about Love Bugs, please click on this link:  Love Bugs